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        Orange. 'Join'.
      Directed by Mehdi. Production: Joy Films. 1997
        Shot in a lagoon in the south of Spain. We built a 100'
        square pontoon swimming pool which floated in the midst
        of the 'ocean'. Various frogs and lots of other
        wind-ups involved.
        Thanks to Mark Tildesley for coming to help.

        Mercedes Benz. 'Mercury'.
     Directed by Mehdi. Production: Joy Films. 1996
     Part of the ancient city which Mercury had to race a
        cannonball through. We built these in the middle of the
        Chott, the massive salt flats in Tunisia.

        Mercedes Benz. 'Mercury'
     A shot of my workshop in Tunis. The guy on the left,
      Salvador, is working on the cannon.

the wonder of plywood
        ADIDAS. 'B Team'
        Directed by Mehdi. Production Joy Films. 1997
       Tunnel leading to the underground football testing pitch.
        Built in Bray Studios from plywood.

job form hellreally was
Directed by Tony Palmer. 1995
feature film about the life Henry Purcell the 17th century musician.
Nice to do such a flamboyant period with a bucketfull of luvvies.

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