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I imagine this office to be a kind of observation/operations room built in the fifties into the classical structure of the station. There would be angled windows in front of the desk which has on it a bank of CCTV monitors, an old computer, anglepoise light, lots of crap and a big microphone. Maps on the wall of the train routes et.c. I have put a wall in behind the operator which has a glass brick section as an excuse to get some musty light from.

The columns and pilasters should look chunky and real whilst the walls and windows are really infill and cheaply done. The area to the right of the desk is the place where our man can stand next to the window to look at the bird. When we do that shot I see just that window section with 1 column and one pilaster set up on a tower in the station.

the more clutter the better I reckon. I think there should be more signs of the heat. Apart from the ceiling fan, there should be a desk fan, a water cooler, perhaps a broken a/c unit.