Concorde 2003  
updated April 22    
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The perfect weekend:

Fly to New York
Catch up with some old mates
Have a pedicure
Fly back on the fastest plane on earth.
The fastest we got to was 1390 mph, faster than a speeding bullet and no G suits required.
Truffles, caviar & foie gras. Shame about the plastic cutlery.

I think to make the experience more special they should serve all food in tubes and drinks should come through straws dropped from the ceiling because this is the closest we are going to get to being astronauts.

To see more photos of my meal and others I have had on BA, Iberia and Aerolineas Argentinas, click here
My plane coming in to land over Liquid Leisure. I was waving from seat 8a which was on the other side of the aircraft. Thanks to Adrianne and her mate for snapping the photo.