I will be posting any design progress on this site. Please keep checking back. Music of Black Origin
mobo awards 2005 Royal Albert Hall London
last update: 17.09.05 2000


abstracted graphics to be applied to the presentation area flats, to dress the stairs and to the front of the lectern
back flat1 back flat 2 back flat3
back flat 4   lectern
stairs stairs stairs



PLAN revised


BRIDGE ELE revised


public enemy with their jets of 'steam'
white bulbs on white lettering up against a huge white drape. (rollover the image above.)


the area beneath the bridge is filled with a painted transition gauze depicting the interior of the Bobby V jeans store. during the song a lighting change makes the store painting disappear to reveal many ladies pouring themselves into their jeans



kano rides his virile motorcycle onto the stage and pulls up in front of 'Club Mobo' where there are a bunch of people lining up by the entrance. at a cue, the side drapes pull back and the scenic art and MOBO sign rise to reveal the interior of a night club. do the rollover to see the transition



the lectern is decorarted with an abstracted image from the TV graphics. The lettering at the top is laser cut from 2mm brushed stainless steel


see new graphic above


variations to show possibilities with transitions

tthe bridge
the mobo 'bridge' is painted in silver metallic paint and has a depth of 120mm. the letters are mounted on a reflective black plinth. it will be lit from front and from behind and the front lights determine the apparent colour.