This style of scooter would be great for the girl because it has a shortened seat which leaves room for the basket on the back to hold the sugar puffs. I have done a few different colour schemes for her scooter below. Favourite so far is the light blue.

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I have recently changed this page regarding the Vespa for the girl
Vespa Lambretta Scooter


This is a standard Vespa PX scooter. They have been making this model since 1970 so it shouldn't be too hard to find one. There is a single seat accessory available from Vespa which fits all PX model scooters. If you can't find one in BA I can possibly bring one from UK. Catalog number is VE40117


new logo

The HoneyMonster badge is a bit long for the front of the scooter but fits quite nicely on the side. (See grey scooter below.)


I think Honey monster would look good on a Lambretta because they are a bit longer and classier. This colour would go well with him aswell. I have put in some other colour choices below. He has a personalised plate which needs to be made along with a number of Italian plates for other vehicles and some American plates for the big breakfast spot. Some Argentinian plates look similar to US plates which is handy

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